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Saj Voyage

Lebanese cuisine is a source of pride and nostalgia for many Lebanese people. The emotional attachment to our culinary culture runs deep, and it is a proud part of our identity that we are eager to share with others.

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Guiding you step-by-step to effortlessly bring the authentic flavors of home into your culinary adventure, making each dish a delicious and enjoyable experience.

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Whether you're craving a Lebanese treat or if you're living abroad and can't find a freshly baked manoucheh, Saj Voyage has got you covered!

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    Embracing our environmental responsibility, all our materials are plastic-free, durable, reusable, and recyclable.

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Saj Voyage


I'M OBSESSED!!!!! Saj Voyage is my kitchen in a kit. It’s not just about cooking; it’s about creating memories and always feeling at home.

Mia M

Hello I recently ordered my Saj Voyage kit and I absolutely love it!! I tried cooking ftayer for my family and they turned out amazing! Thank you for creating such a high-quality product that brings back so many wonderful memories!!!

Lea M

Just got my Saj Voyage kit, and it's really cool! I like it, but I honestly hoped it would be a bit bigger.

Joe A

I surprised my international friends in London with a traditional Lebanese dinner using my Saj Voyage kit. I was SOOO proud to introduce them to the Lebanese culinary experience!!

Nour A

As a mother of two, cooking with Saj Voyage was effortlessly enjoyable. It's so easy to use, so easy to clean and is overall so practical which makes it an ideal choice for busy moms like me!!!

Rachelle C

I have recently ordered a Saj and I would like to first thank you for your support to make the delivery in such a short notice to accommodate my travel arrangements. And also thank you for your great support and flexibility.
As for the saj itself it looks amazing from little details and packaging to the overall quality ans design. Cannot wait to give it a try and make my own dough and saj ! Grand merci 🙏🏻

Maher M

About us

Saj Voyage traces its origins to a familial tradition, initiated by Laetitia's grandmother, who shared the secrets of Lebanese cuisine with her daughter. Their love for food, has blossomed into a family-led small business targeting to reach more and more food lovers around the world. The team now includes a mix of family members and friends in their 20s, collectively dedicated to spreading the flavours of home worldwide.

From generation to generation

We are committed to passing down our culinary traditions to future generations, just like our grandparents taught our parents. By preserving our culinary heritage, we hope to keep the Lebanese culture alive and thriving for generations to come.

Customer Reviews

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Balsam Abdul kader

Received yesterday on time cannot wait to use on my coming weekend with my 3 grands

Rami Rajeh
Perfect gift

We got this as a gift for an expatriate. It was a hit. The Mana2eesh were rolling. It’s easy to put together and easy to use. Great for households with 2-6 people. Everything is just as it was described on the website.


very kind people, received fast

Chloe Bouchabke

All perfect

Jeanine Sabbagh
For the Love of Manoucheh

Love the size, the quality and the package. bought 3 x already for daughter in France and sister who loved it too. now we can have home made freshly backed manoucheh with all the Aromas and the flavors of home. thank you for the bright idea....keep it up


  • Is the Saj compatible with Electric & Induction stove tops?

    Saj Voyage performs perfectly on gas stoves, electric, ceramic, coil, and hot plates, delivering optimal taste. However, it is not compatible with induction stoves.

    To differentiate between electric and induction stoves, check for a red circle or feel for heat when turned on. If present, it's electric, and the Saj is compatible; if the surface stays cool, indicating the need for specific pans, it's induction, and the Saj won't work effectively.

    Is my stove elctric or induction?
  • What is the blue ceramic coating? Is it healthy?

    Saj Voyage presents a culinary solution with its ceramic coating, offering a naturally non-stick surface free from harmful chemicals.

    Even when exposed to heat, this cookware remains a safe choice, ensuring that no substances are transmitted to your food. By embracing ceramic-coated cookware, you not only enhance your cooking experience but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

    Learn more about ceramic coatings
  • How much does the kit weight? Can I travel with it?

    Saj Voyage introduces the ideal travel companion. Light and compact at 1.8 kg, with a slim 28-centimeter diameter, it effortlessly fits into your luggage.

    The versatility of this kit, makes it an optimal choice for culinary enthusiasts on the go. Whether you're camping, road-tripping, or exploring new destinations, Saj Voyage ensures your culinary experiences remain convenient and enjoyable.

    Place your Saj in your checked luggage
Worldwide delivery available